I have 55 perfect 5.0 reviews on Yelp, 10,600+ followers on Instagram, and 373+ happy permanent makeup clients. I am based in Las Vegas, NV.

Perfect, Natural Permanent Makeup

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For any further information or questions, please feel free to contact me (Portia) now via phone (text is preferred) or email!

  • Tel: (702) 885-9551
  • Email: ishapebrows@gmail.com
  • Address: 4245 S Grand Canyon Dr Ste #117, Las Vegas, NV 89147

Our location in Hue LUXE Suites by the 215 beltway and Flamingo
iShapeBrows is located inside of Hue LUXE Suites, which is near 215 and Flamingo, near Target (it is a new luxury expansion of the Hue Salon located just a few doors down away from the original Hue).
iShapeBrows is located inside of Hue Luxe Suites, between 103 hot pilates and the ride
Hue Luxe Suites is located between 103 Hot Pilates and THE RIDE

Book now, because I only book 3 days of appointments per week and my schedule fills up quickly!

To get perfect permanent makeup, Book Now, because I fill appointments on a first come first serve basis and only schedule three days of appointments per week. Schedule your appointment now to get gorgeous, natural permanent makeup, because my schedule fills up quickly. To book, text or call me at the above phone number.

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